Luke Karcz







Luke Karcz

Luke Karcz

Krakow, Malopolska


Luke Karcz was born in Krakow in Poland on 23 th of July 1981. Oil painting studio
of the master Wlodzimierz Karcz at years 2003 - 2008. Studies on the Art Department
of Pedagogical University in Kraków on Artistic Education in Fine Arts and occupational
therapy in years 2008 - 2011. The workshop is he using is a continuationof the idea from
a borderland of the XIX century realistic painting and achievements of Impressionist.
The artist has over 500 oil works being at present in several dozen private, institutional
and museum collections in:
Poland, UK, USA, Canada, Russia, France, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Ireland , Austria.
Works of the artist were repeatedly awarded and distingished in polish and international

More important exhibitions and events:
2006 - V Award in Painting Competition name I. Bieniek in Bielsko- Biala Poland.
2006 - Collective exhibition , MDK Bielsko - Biala Poland.
2006 - Individual painting exhibition, Verbe Gallery Krakow Poland.
2006 - Individual drawing exhibition, Verbe Gallery Krakow Poland.
2009 - II distinction in ZADRA Gallery Competition Warsaw Poland.
2009 - I st degree scholarship.
2010 - International Drawing Exhibition, Olsztyn Poland.
2010 - I st degree scholarship.
2010 - Collective exhibition, ZADRA Gallery Warsaw Poland.
2010 - Collective exhibition, Pedagogical University, Krakow, Poland.
2011 - 2013 International Art Open Air "Artsesja" Krakow Poland. Instalation.
2011 - Rector's scholarship for best student.
2012 - International Art Open Air " Barwy Wschowy" Wschowa, Poland. Colective Exhibition.
2012 - Individual Exhibition, Cafe Vis a vis Krakow, Poland.
2013 - Parallax Art Fair London 2013.
2013 - Krakow Art Expo 2013.
2013 - Admitting of the painting to the collection of a Christ Sorrowful Museum in Jezowe, Poland.
2013 - Idividual painting exhibition, Public Library - Krakow


Cannes harbour by Luke Karcz


Mercedes 170 S by Luke Karcz


Italy - San Vigilio by Luke Karcz


Autumn Forest Impression by Luke Karcz


Croatia - Split by Luke Karcz


The Kalk Bay harbour by Luke Karcz


Boat by Luke Karcz


Autumn Impression by Luke Karcz


The Brixham Harbour by Luke Karcz


Cadillac Fleetwood 1955 pink by Luke Karcz


Boats impression by Luke Karcz


Croatia - Dubrovnik harbour by Luke Karcz


The Eyemouth Harbour by Luke Karcz


Ford Mustang by Luke Karcz


Night harbour impression by Luke Karcz


Citroen 2CV by Luke Karcz


Indian Chief 1938 by Luke Karcz


Warsaw by night impression by Luke Karcz


The Brixham Harbour by Luke Karcz


The Stavanger old harbour by Luke Karcz


The North Berwick Harbour by Luke Karcz


Istanbul- Hagia Sophia by Luke Karcz


Rome by Luke Karcz


VW Transporter T1 by Luke Karcz


The Scarborough Harbour by Luke Karcz


Porsche 356 Speedster by Luke Karcz


Venice - San Giorgio Maggiore by Luke Karcz


Harley Davidson Knucklehead by Luke Karcz


VW Beetle by Luke Karcz


Panorama of Jerusalem by Luke Karcz


Guernsey Harbour by Luke Karcz


Panorama of Cetraro by Luke Karcz


Panorama of Harbour by Luke Karcz


Harley Davidson Flathead by Luke Karcz


Venice by Luke Karcz


Fishing cutters from Yarmouth by Luke Karcz


Rolls Royce Silver Cloud by Luke Karcz


The Suffolk Harbour by Luke Karcz


Harbour impression by Luke Karcz


Wine and apples by Luke Karcz


French small street by Luke Karcz


The high jump by Luke Karcz


Windmill by Luke Karcz


Aston Martin One 77 by Luke Karcz


Panorama of London by Luke Karcz


Cantenbury Cathedral by Luke Karcz


Woman nude by Luke Karcz


Stonehenge by Luke Karcz